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Latin Percussion LP007 Rock Cowbell ( LP-007 / Lp007 )

Features : Designed with the drum kit player in mind High-grade 14-gauge steel Rich, cutting sound is low pitched and

Latin Percussion LP1205 Jam Block High – Blue ( LP-1205 / Lp1205 )

This blue LP Jam Block produces a clear, high-pitched sound. Crafted from the indestructible material Jenigor, LP Jam Blocks produce

Latin Percussion LP160 Cyclops Mount – Black ( LP-160 / Lp160 )

LP Cyclops Tambourines are a favorite among professional musicians. The durable frame and patented pinning system keeps jingles in place

Latin Percussion LP179 Cyclops Dimpled Brass Mount – Gold ( LP-179 / Lp179 )

The LP mountable Cyclops® Tambourine is designed for the ultimate in playability for any drummer or percussionist. The durable frame

Latin Percussion LP234A Standard Afuche / Cabasa ( LP-234 / Lp234 )

Developed and introduced by LP over 40 years ago, the Afuche®/Cabasa has become one of the most essential percussion instruments

Latin Percussion LP261 Grenadilla Wood Clave – Black ( LP-261 / Lp261 )

Features: Clave and striker are the same sizes(8″ L x 1.25″ W) Kiln-dried exotic hardwood construction. A rich, dark sound

Latin Percussion LP441 Duoshake Soft Shake ( LP-441 / Lp441 )

Twin set of shakers connected with two rubber bandsPlay as a pair or individuallySoft weight shot is perfect for most