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Akai MIDIMIX High-Performance Portable Mixer / DAW Controller

MIDImix is a portable compact high-performance mixer that has the unique ability to control your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with

Akai MPD 232 Pad Controller ( Mpd232 / MPD232 )

The MPD232 is a MIDI-over-USB pad controller perfect for producers, programmers, musicians and DJs alike. Its intuitive blend of MPC

Behringer Europower EP2000 2-channel Power Amplifier

FEATURES 2 x 100 Watts into 2 ohms; 2 x 750 Watts into 4 ohms; 200 Watts into 4 ohms

Behringer PODCASTUDIO 2 USB Bundle with USB Mixer, Microphone, Headphones and More

Specifications: Everything you need for professional podcasting, music production, and digital home recording Get a full recording studio “out of

Behringer PPA200 Ultra-Compact 200-Watt 5-Channel Powered Mixer ( PPA-200 / Ppa200 )

Specifications: Ultra-compact 2 x 100-Watt, 5-channel portable PA system in a briefcase format Perfect for parties, schools, corporate and educational

Behringer S16 16-channel Digital Snake

S16 Digital mixing has revolutionized virtually everything in the live-entertainment production workflow. Now we have come up with the perfect

Behringer Xenyx 1204USB 8-channel Mixer with USB (XENYX1204USB / XENYX-1204USB)

  • Lots of input options at a budget-friendly price
  • Channels 1-4 feature 1-knob compression
  • 3-band EQ on each channel
  • 2-bus design makes it easy to set up 2 mixes for different destinations
  • USB connection for stereo computer recording

Behringer Xenyx 302USB Analog Mixer with USB (XENYX302USB / XENYX-302USB)

XENYX 302USB Need a handy little mixer for the boardroom, or one you can grab with your laptop on the

Behringer XENYX Q802USB Mixer with USB (XENYXQ802USB / XENYX-Q802USB)

FEATURES Ultra-compact, low-noise, high-headroom analog mixer Two Xenyx mic preamps comparable to stand-alone preamps 48V phantom power for use with

Behringer Xenyx QX1204USB Mixer with USB and Effects

Behringer Xenyx QX1204USB Features at a Glance: Low-noise, high-headroom analog mixer Four phantom-powered XENYX Mic Preamps comparable to stand-alone preamps

Behringer XENYX X1204USB 8-channel Mixer with USB and Effects

8-channel USB Mixer with One-knob Compression, 2 Aux Sends, 2 Busses, Built-in FX, and 3-band EQ Per Channel FEATURES Lots

Behringer Xenyx X1222USB Mixer with USB and Effects

The compact XENYX X1222USB mixer allows you to effortlessly achieve premium-quality sound. Channels 1 – 4 feature our XENYX Mic