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Mooer CT-01 Clip Tuner ( CT01 / CT 01 )

The MOOER CT-01 features fast and accurate tuning, a bright and colorful display, and is suitable for guitar and bass

Mooer D7 Delay Guitar Effects Pedal ( D-7 / d7 )

SPECIFICATIONS: Input : 1/4″ mono jack (impedance 2.2M Ohms) Output : 1/4″ mono jack (impedance 100Ohms) Power supply : 9V

Mooer GE100 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal (GE-100/Ge100)

  By using a completely new digital platform, the GE100 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor provides the richest, most authentic and modern

Mooer GE150 Amp Modelling & Multi Effects Pedal ( GE-150 / Ge150 )

Multi Effect Processor Specifications : Num of Effects: 9 Num of Effect Block: 151 Num of Presets:200 Input: 1/4” mono

Mooer GE200 Multi Effects Pedal with Adaptor ( GE-200 / Ge200 )

Mooer GE200 Multi Effects Pedal (GE-200) MOOER has unleashed a brand new multi effects processor which delivers unparalleled amp modelling

Mooer GE200 Multi Effects Pedal with SC-200 Soft Carry Case

PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE Mooer SC-200 Soft Carry Case Included FEATURES 55 high-quality amplifier models 26 IR speaker cab models and added

Mooer GE200 Multi Effects Pedal with Stagg UPC-424 ABS Pedal Board Case and Cable

PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE Stagg UPC-424 ABS PedalBoard and 3M Instrument Cable Included. FEATURES 55 high-quality amplifier models 26 IR speaker cab

Mooer GE250 Guitar Amp Modelling and Multi Effects Pedal ( GE-250 / Ge250 )

Offering higher-quality IR support and more features than its little brother the GE200, the GE250 fills the gap in MOOER’s

Mooer GE300 Lite Multi Effects Processor – Grey ( GE-300 / Ge300 )

The GE300 LITE starts with 108 digital amp models based on MOOER’s non-linear amp modelling technology, 43 factory cab sims,

Mooer Micro Drummer Pedal

Features: 11 Genres of drum patterns 3 controls, 121 Drum beats in total Tap Tempo Runs on a DC 9V

Mooer Micro Looper Effects Pedal

True Bypass– When the Micro Looper is in bypass status it will not affect the original signal, which ensures your

Mooer Mod Factory MKII Modulation Pedal

Multi-Effect Pedal Specifications: 11 Modulation effects Digital operation Tap Tempo function Selectable serial / parallel signal routing Speed, Depth and