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NUX AC25 Stageman 25-Watt Rechargeable Battery Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifier / AC-25

NUX AC-25 is a compact acoustic guitar amplifier with a built-in rechargeable battery that can run for up to 4

NUX AC80 Stageman II 80-Watt Rechargable Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with Looper and Bluetooth

The Stageman II has 2 channels and both are optimized for acoustic guitar and microphone inputs respectively. The dual-input channels,

NUX DA30BT 30 Watt Bluetooth Personal Electronic Drum Monitor Amplifier ( DA-30BT / Da30bt )

NUX DA-30BT is equipped with 30W power amplifier, 10″ full-range speakers, frequency response characteristics significantly for the frequency characteristics of

Nux DM-1X Digital Drum Set – Package A ( DM1X / Dm1x )

Package A (Nux DM-1X Digital Drum): Digital Drum with Drum Sticks, Bass Drum Pedal, Drum Throne, Headphone. NUX DM-1X is

Nux DM-1X Digital Drum Set with Nux DA30BT Monitor Speaker – Package B ( DM1X / Dm1x )

Package B (Nux DM-1X Digital Drum with Monitor) : Digital Drum with Drum Sticks, Bass Drum Pedal, Drum Throne, Headphone,

Nux DM-1X Digital Drum Set with Nux PA-50 Monitor Speaker – Package C ( DM1X / Dm1x )

Package B (Nux DM-1X Digital Drum with Monitor) : Digital Drum with Drum Sticks, Bass Drum Pedal, Drum Throne, Headphone,

Nux DM-7 Digital Drum / DM7

Details: DM-7 is a professional digital drum set equipped with all mesh heads. It has 30 precisely-sampled studio kits, a

NUX DM-7X 30 self-sampling preset drum kits and 5 types of coaching functions professional electronic drum / DM7X

Specifications: 8″ Tom x3, 10″ Snare x1, 12″ Hi-hat x1, 12″ Crash x2, 14″ Ride x1, Hi-hat control x1, Kick

NUX DM-7X Professional Digital Drum Set with All Mesh Heads / DM7X

All Mesh Heads Made by REMO NUX cooperates with REMO to equip DM-7X with all REMO mesh heads. No matter

NUX MFX-10 Multi-Effects Processor Pedal ( MFX10 / Mfx10 )

  • A total of 55 models, up to eight can be used simultaneously
  • 19 classic amp and pedal models with A/B channel switching
  • Vintage 3-band passive EQ for every amp model
  • Parametric EQ with extra middle-frequency sweep control for pedals
  • 12 cabinet models provide two different modes for guitar amplifier or mixer/PA input
  • Built-in drum machine with CD quality PCM sounds
  • Up to 20 seconds phrase loop with sound on sound
  • The AUX IN jack makes it easy to practice along with MP3, CDs, and other inputs
  • The expression pedal lets you adjust the volume or effects parameters in real-time
  • Big backlit 160 x 128 TFT LCD for clear, easy viewing of the device’s name, parameters, tuner display, etc
  • A total of 72 presets: 36 factories + 36 user presets. The A/B switch allows you to use up to 144 presets
  • New generation 32-bit DSP, High Performance 24 Bit/ 48kHz AD/DA converters
  • Latest TS/AC (True Simulation of Analog Circuits) Technology duplicates the distortion and tone shape of tube and vintage effect pedals

Nux MG30 Versatile Modeler Multi-Effects Pedal ( MG-30 / Mg30 )

Since Nux announced MG-300 the best-budget compact modeler on the market ever—people started noticing our TSAC-HD (White-Box) Modeling Algorithm. It

Nux MG300 Guitar Modelling Processor Multi Effects Pedal ( MG-300 / Mg300 )

NUX MG300 Guitar Modelling Processor Multi-Effects Pedal (MG-300 / MG 300) FEATURES New Generation 32 bit DSP, 24bit 48kHz AD/DA