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Joyo CM-11 Patch Cable – 1 unit – CM11 / Cm11

JOYO shielded mono instrument patch cables are crafted with high-quality PVC and pure copper conductors. The PVC inner shields protect

Joyo CM-24 5 Way Daisy Chain for Guitar Effect Power Supply (CM24)

JOYO’s CM24 daisy chain cables can be used to supply power to more than one guitar effect pedal, removes the

Joyo CM-25 4 Way Daisy Chain for Guitar Effect Power Supply (CM25)

  • Material:- Pure Copper Core, Brass Nickel plated DC plugs for better conductivity
  • Type: 1 female and 4 male plugs (Male plugs are right angled tuning fork plugs to fit tightly and prevent short circuits
  • Colour:- Black (High Quality PVC Casing with 3mm diameter)
  • Total Length: 132 cm
  • Length Between Plugs: 33cm
  • DC female straight plug:- inner ring: 5.5mm ; inner needle: 2.1mm
  • 4 male right angled plugs: outside diameter: 5.5mm ; inner diameter: 2.1mm.

Joyo CM-26 8 Way Daisy Chain for Guitar Effect Power Supply ( CM26 / Cm26 )

FEATURES Material: pure copper core, brass nickel plated DC plugs.(Better conductivity) Type: 1 female and 8 male plugs.(Male plugs are

Joyo DA-35 35W Electronic Drum Amplifier with Bluetooth / DA35

The DA-35 combo power amplifier adopts a D-type power amplifier chip, RMS is 35W.A D-type power amplifier is characterized by

Joyo DC-15 15W Digital Guitar Amplifier with Delay Reverb Effect 36 Pattern Drum (DC15)

The JOYO DC-15 digital guitar amplifier features digital effects and amp simulations, allowing you to experiment with new sounds before

Joyo DC-30 30W Digital Guitar Amplifier With Drum Machine and Effects / DC30

FEATURES Eight Amp simulations : Boss SD-1 Boss MT-2 Ibanez TS9 Wave-X C-Clean Roland Jazz Chorus MI Audio Crunch Box

Joyo JP-02 Effect Pedal Power Supply 2 ( JP02 / Jp02 )

JOYO JP-02 Power Supply – 10 filtered outputs each with an isolated short circuit & over current protection. Version 3.

Joyo JP-05 Rechargeable Power Supply with 8 DC Outputs ( JP05 / Jp05 )

JOYO’s JP-05 power supply has 8 DC outputs and 1 standard USB output, one of the 8 outputs can be

Joyo JW-02 Digital Wireless Transmitter and Receiver ( JW02 / Jw02 )

JW-02 features 4 channels, when several sets of JW-02 are being used simultaneously, you can choose different channels on your

Joyo JW-03 Digital Wireless Transmitter and Receiver / JW03

Joyo JW-03 Digital Wireless Transmitter and Receiver (JW03) The JOYO JW-03 2.4Ghz Digital Wireless system for guitar & bass features

Joyo MA-10A Portable Acoustic Guitar Amplifier 10 Watt (MA10A)

Features: Rated power:10W Speaker’s size: 5’’ Power supply mode: 9v1200mA power adapter or 6xAA batteries Battery life: the ordinary AA