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Alpha Drumworks Genesis Single Chain Kick Pedal AD-DP-101s / ADDP101S / AD DP101S

The Alpha Drumworks Genesis pedal. Unprecedented quality to affordability ratio. This pedal features a single chain drive and a wired

Bass Drum Mallet with oak wood handle

Oak Wood Handle, head – 6x3cm, L-31cm

Dixon PP-P1D Double Bass Drum Dual Foot Kick Double Chain Pedal / PPP1D

DRIVEN SYSTEM Single-chain CAM system FOOTBOARD Smooth footboard for rapid response BEATER See-through blue dual surface beater SPRING TENSION ADJUSTMENT

Lazer PC14-02 Cajon Pedal Percussion / PC1402 / PC14 02

CAJON IS NOT INCLUDED. .Primary cable pedal allows for comfortable placement while keeping the cable out of the way .Spring

Maxtone Single Bass Drum Pedal

bass drum pedal economy model single bass drum pedal

NUX NPK-9X Electronic Kick Tower Pad for Digital drum / NPK9X / DM-1X KICK

Nux kick tower pad gives you the natural playability and greater musical expression you want from your electronic drum kit.

Pearl P2050C Eliminator Redline Chain Single Pedal ( P-2050C )

Pearl’s original Power Shifter Eliminator was a giant leap ahead in bass drum pedals. The world’s only pedal featuring the

Stagg Double-Braced Hi-Hat Stand / LHD52 / LHD-52

Stagg Double-Braced Hi-Hat Stand (LHD-52 / LHD52 / LHD 52) SPECIFICATIONS Tubes: 2-section Tube diameter : 25 mm / 22

Stagg PPD-52 Double Chain Bass Drum Pedal ( PPD52 / Ppd52 )

Specifications: Net weight : 5.25 kg (11.57 lb) Beater: 4-way beater (felt-plastic) Chain: Double chain over sprocket drive Base plate:

Tama HP30 Bass Drum Single Pedal

Tama HP30 Bass Drum Single Pedal (HP-30/HP 30) The TAMA HP30 is a whole lotta pedal for not a lotta

Tama HP30TW Standard Twin Pedal ( HP-30TW / Hp30tw )

Utilizing the same offset cam shape as the Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide, the HP30 offers increased power and speed

Tama HP310LW Speed Cobra Bass Pedal – Double Pedal

Double the Speed Cobra Pedal for Less If you need a double kick drum pedal that delivers high-end performance without