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Maxtone CB15 Conductor Baton Conducting Stick

For conducting orchestra/ensemble use maxtone conductor baton CB15 15″ A baton is a stick that is used by conductors primarily

Maxtone DP-2021 TW Twin Double Pedal ( DP2021 / Dp2021 )

Specifications: Maxtone Double Drum Pedal with a solid steel body. Single chain and drum beater Suitable for all drum 1

Maxtone DP779TW Twin Pedal / Double Pedal ( DP-779TW / Dp779tw )

Features: Maxtone DP-779TW Double Pedal Twin Pedal Maxtone Double Drum Pedal with solid steel body.single chain and drum beater.suitable for

Maxtone Flute TF-60N with case ( TF60N / Tf60n )

Specifications: C-key Silver plated finish Plateau key type (cover keys) Nickel plated finish 6 Months Warranty  

Maxtone Metal Shaker – Silver

Brand: Maxtone Code: MM-258 Color: Silver Metalic Color Size: 21m length Shape: Cylinder Material: Metal

Maxtone MSC-12 Marching Snare Drum 12″x10″ with Drumstick and Strap – White ( MSC12 / Msc12 )

Marching snare drum, 12″x10″,Strap , Drumsticks included Features Size: 12″x10″ Lug : 12-Lugs Strap , Drumsticks included White color

Maxtone PU33B Guitar Pick-Up ( PU-33B / Pu33 )

Features: MAXTONE GUITAR PICK-UP PU33B guitar pickup maxtone made in taiwan

Maxtone Single Bass Drum Pedal

bass drum pedal economy model single bass drum pedal

Maxtone TCC22 BN Clarinet with Case ( TCC-22 / Tcc22 )

Features: British fingering wood grain nickel plated keys 17 keys with bag Clarinet Key: B Finish: Nickel-plated keys

Maxtone Trumpet TT60/N with ABS case ( TT-60 / Tt60 )

Specifications: Trumpet Model : TT60/N Brand : MAXTONE Description : Bb Trumpet With ABS Case (Nickle Plated) Bore dia :