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Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest 4/4 3/4 KAPAIER NO 710S

Professional adjustable: The height and angle of the violin shoulder pad are fully adjustable, and can be set to fit

Kapaier Good Quality Shoulder Rest For Violin No. 950

KPE Violin Shoulder Rest model 950 fits 3/4-4/4 violins. Crafted from European Maple with brushed brass fittings, its special crescent

Kapaier KPE No.510 Violin 4/4-3/4 Size Shoulder Rest, Collapsible ( Kpe510 / KPE510 )

  The Kapaier KPE Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest model 510 fits 3/4-4/4 violins. The shoulder rest features durable construction, a