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Hamilton KB220M Tripod Boom Aluminium Alloy Hub Microphone Stand

Non-telescoping boom tripod base Aluminum alloy hub US/Euro thread adapter included Durable black powder-coated finish Tripod Boom Mic. Stand Popular

Hamilton KB301F-BK Three Section Black Nickel Plated Music Stand With Bag (KB301)

Hamilton KB301F-BK Three Section Black Nickel Plated Music Stand With Bag (KB301)  Three-section folding stands with knob adjustment and tiltable

Hamilton KB303G Cradle Tripod Guitar Stand (KB303)

Through post rotating cradle. Height is adjustable with cushioned yoke and cradle. Security strap for safe storage. Collapsible neck. Plastic

Hamilton KB30A Monitor Speaker Amplifier Stand / KB30

Hamilton KB30A Monitor Speaker Amplifier Stand (KB30) Fixed height elevated amp stand. Especially good for guitar players since the speaker

Hamilton KB34C Violin Or Ukulele Stand Black (KB34)

Fold-up arms and pull-out legs provide stability. Glass-reinforced plastic provides strength and stability. Holds either a ukulele or violin. Integrated

Hamilton KB3800G Automatic Ultra Lock Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar Stand (KB3800)

Original price was: RM125.00.Current price is: RM112.50.
The design allows custom fitting to a wide range of fretted instruments–from banjo to classical or 5-string bass to “skinny-necked”

Hamilton KB420K Double X Style Digital Keyboard Piano Stand (KB420)

Bolt Together Adjustable width and height to suit player’s need. Adjustment width: 340~870mm. Adjustment Height: 665~995mm. Support depth: 480mm.

Hamilton KB60A Amplifier Speaker And Monitor Stand / KB60

Hamilton KB60A Amplifier Speaker and Monitor Stand  Amplifier and Monitor Stand A dual A-frame base for elevating your amp off

Hamilton KB700S Aluminium Adjustable Speaker Stand Heavy Duty Stand Each / KB700

Black powder-coated for finish durability, these stands will give you years of service. The strong telescoping and leg collars provide

Hamilton KB810M NU Era Tabletop Tripod Microphone Mic Stand

lightweight and portable Ideal for conference room, desktop studio, or performance. Includes a mic clip and carrying bag with an

Hamilton KB900C Conductor Stand Music Book Stand kb900 / KB900

The portable conductor’s stand features a tilting steel desk with a return lip. Plastic hub, height, and tilt fittings with

Hamilton KB919G-BX Guitar Wall Hanger Mount Holder For Acoustic Electric Bass / KB919

Hamilton KB919G-BX Guitar Hanger  Simple guitar hanger for easy set-up to hold your guitar safely and conveniently on the wall